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Melissa Mouritsen


Mouritsen, a first-generation college student, pursued her interest in politics and earned an Associate in Arts from Triton College, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS), and a Master of Arts from George Washington University. After her undergrad studies, she worked for a Chicago alderman.

“I like to say I got my degree in political studies from UIS and but my education in politics from the ward office. It was the best and worst experience I ever had,” she said. “After that, I did consulting and lobbying work. As a consultant, I worked with many homeowners who were trying to somehow modify their homes. This can be a very complex and frustrating process in Chicago. I really enjoyed working with them and helping them get the addition, the exception, the zoning change – whatever it was. We also worked with homeowners who had violations, using our specialized knowledge to help get them out of trouble and to resolve their issues.”

Melissa Mouritsen

Associate Professor

Political Science


BIC 2537B


Melissa Mouritsen
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